#Unashamed (Sexual Immorality): Sexy footie presenter shows off VERY racy groin tattoo leaving viewers reeling

http://www.dailystar.co.uk Claudia Guajardo stopped short of showing off the entire inking by her groin – but still displayed enough of the body artistry to get admirers’ hearts racing.

University graduate Claudia, who regularly post pictures of herself in figure-hugging dresses on her social media sites, peeled back her mini shorts on a popular Mexican TV show – Football Nights.

Her attention-grabbing stunt immediately led to comparisons with sexy Mexican weather girl Yanet Garcia, who like Claudia works out of the northern city of Monterrey and regularly turns heads with her on-screen attire and sexy off-screen videos and social media photos.

The stunning sports presenter brunette lifted her top up and her shorts down after being encouraged to do so by one of the other presenters when she admitted to having treated a colleague to a private viewing of her new tattoo just before the show aired.

The male colleague who got to see the tattoo before they went on air covered up his face with a football scarf in a mock show of embarrassment.

A female colleague of Claudia’s shouted out “stop, stop, stop” as she threatened to show more than might have been acceptable on a family programme and producers played sexy music to accompany her daring striptease.

The break in the show’s normal coverage was so well-received, the moment was immediately replayed in slow motion so viewers could get a second glimpse.

Claudia later posted a screen grab on her Instagram site where she has 119,000 followers, winning immediate praise from fans.

Enrique Quinones wrote: “Spectacular body.”

Another tried his luck by writing: “How lovely. Today is my birthday. Could you send me a video message as a gift” – and, probably to his astonishment, got an immediate response on Instagram from Claudia who replied: “Congratulations my friend. I’ll send you a message tomorrow.”

Weather girl Yanet Garcia, 26, made waves before she was a big name by wearing a skin-coloured skirt dubbed the nude mini-skirt.

TMZ and Playboy have named her “the hottest weather girl” and described her as “a girl that makes you want to watch the weather forecast.

Last year the brunette, a model before she became a weather girl on Televisa Monterrey news, sparked rumours she had boosted her bottom cheeks with surgery by posting a picture on her Instagram page showing off her eye-catching buttocks.

Last week she delighted fans with a racy video of her posing in skimpy lingerie as she took her audience on a tour of her home.


#Louisiana (US State): Brunette teacher ‘romps with THREE pupils in her own home’

http://www.dailystar.co.uk Heidi Domangue, 30, was arrested after a parent of a fourth student, aged 12, found “inappropriate” social media messages between them, police said.

At least two of the 15 and 16-year-olds lived near Domangue in Houma, Louisiana.

This comes as Daily Star Online revealed why teachers sometimes fall for their students.

Investigators started probing after she allegedly swapped messages on social media with a 12-year-old.

Sergeant Travis Theriot said: “This is a perfect example of why parents need to monitor what goes on on social media.

“If it wasn’t for these parents being alert and paying attention to what’s going on and following up whenever they hear a piece of information we never would have known and there’s no telling how long this would have gone on.”

Domangue’s alleged sex sessions “spanned over a three-month time period”, he added.

“None of it occurred on a school campus. It all occurred within her home.”

Domangue was booked in to Terrebonne Parish jail on Wednesday after being arrested on suspicion of indecent behaviour with a juvenile and three counts of carnal knowledge of a juvenile.

She could be jailed for up to 55 years if convicted.

Police said she was a supply teacher at various schools in Terrebonne Parish.

School board member Roosevelt Thomas said the district had zero tolerance for “this type of behaviour” and it would be investigated fully.

#Vietnam received new batch of surface-to-air SPYDER-SR air defence system

http://defence-blog.com The Vietnam People’s Air Force has received a new batch of surface-to-air SPYDER-SR air defence system, that was reported by soha.vn.

According to Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), the new batch of SPYDER-SR medium range mobile air defence system is the second of 6 ordered from Rafael Advanced Defense Systems in 2015.

The SPYDER (Surface-to-air PYthon and DERby) is an Israeli-made short and medium range mobile air defence. The new air defence system developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems with assistance from Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).

First deliveries were highlighted in July 2016. Vietnamese air defence systems are mounted on RMMV HX purpose-designed tactical military trucks manufactured by Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles.

There are reports that claim that Georgia operated the SPYDER-SR during the 2008 Russo-Georgian War. The Georgian air force could have operated up to four launchers of the SPYDER-SR and it is likely that the system was lost in the conflict.

#Unashamed (Sexual Immorality): Catherine Zeta-Jones, 48 is an ageless beauty as she turns heads in plunging sheer gown

http://www.dailystar.co.uk Michael Douglas’ wife Catherine looked every inch the Hollywood glamour puss in the smoking-hot ensemble.

The black dress which fit-Catherine-like-a-glove featured stunning see-through panelling and lace inserts to add a touch of drama to her look.

While the plunging lacy neckline accentuated her ample assets and elegant décolletage.

Catherine kept her accessories minimal apart from a beautiful pair of diamond-drop earrings.

Her hair was pulled back into an old-Hollywood style chignon bun and her lips were stained a dusky pink.

Catherine was attending the MipCom’s annual trade show in Cannes among a bevy of other celebs, but the brunette beauty certainly stole the show.

Welsh-wonder-Catherine has lived in America for quite some time now however in a recent interview with Stylist the yummy mummy opened up about missing home.

She said: “It’s really hard for me because, you know, I’ve been out of Wales longer than I ever lived there.I left when I was 15 to go to London to work.

“But my family is so close. I really miss being able to say to my mam or my friends, ‘Just come on over for a cup of tea and we’ll talk through stuff.’

“And I miss my friends from my dancing school that I’m in touch with. I miss the immediacy. Because sometimes, you know, it can be when you want to speak to your mother or your friends and [because of the time difference] you just go, ‘Aw s**t they’re sleeping.’

“But the next day I’m like, ‘Oh I’m alright now, I’ll call them in a few days.’ And obviously having children, I miss them not being close to my family.

“But saying that, Wales comes to me now. They much prefer to get away from the weather. They liked to come visit me when I lived in Bermuda; they love to come to New York. My children adore their grandparents and uncles.”

#Unashamed (Sexual Immorality): Alesha Dixon wows in latex leggings tighter than skin

http://www.dailystar.co.uk Strictly’s Alesha stunned her Instagram fans in the outfit that showed off her infamous curves.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge wore skintight latex leggings that fit her like a glove which she paired with a teeny-weeny bralet that revealed her rock-hard abs.

Alesha paired the look with strappy white high-heels and elegant gold jewellery with a dainty necklace and metallic bangle.

She pulled her hair back into a sleek ponytail and kept her make up minimal to accentuate her natural beauty.

The photo which she captioned LA nights has already received over 15k likes and a flurry of comments from her followers.

One commenter said: “You are beautiful.”

While another added: “You look incredible hun!”

Mother-of-one Alesha recently spoke to Mail Online about how she has maintained her figure since having a child.

She said: “Honestly we’re all human and we’re all flawed. We have to do things at our own pace and do things that work for us.”

She continued: “I try not to worry about what other people think of me. The most important thing is how I’m feeling.

“I want to wake up and feel energised. I have a three-year-old to run after!

“I want to be an active mother. It makes me feel alive. I have one hour every day which I call my selfish hour.’ “

#Unashamed (Sexual Immorality): Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson jiggles boobs and lifts skirt in shock video

http://www.dailystar.co.uk The X Factor winners released the accompanying video to their song with CNCO earlier this week, much to the delight of their fans.

Now, Jesy’s taken to Instagram to gift her fans with never-before-seen footage, taken behind the scenes of the music video.

The brunette beauty could be seen shaking what her mama gave her during her parts of the song.

In fact, the 26-year-old risked multiple wardrobe malfunctions as her boobs bulged from the sexy red crop top.

She sported a teeny red fringed top which allowed her to showcase her solid abs.

One moment saw the sassy starlet clutching her slashed matching skirt and raising it higher as she shimmied her hips and gave a sensual grind before her bandmates.

Wriggling her hips side to side and seductively running her hands all over her body, Jesy was sex appeal embodied.

Writing to her 3.3 million followers, the bombshell captioned the clip: “Cheeky cheeky unseeny.”

The raunchy footage has already racked up a whopping 93,000 likes, and of course the compliments soon came flooding in.

One besotted follower gushed: “You are an incredible dancer.”

While another admirer said: “Someone is proud of her boobs.”

A third chimed in: “You’re literally one the most incredible looking people I’ve ever seen.

“How are you so gorgeous?”

Little Mix’s new video set the world of showbiz alight earlier this week, with the girls each stripping down to a seriously raunchy costume.

Bandmate Leigh-Anne Pinnock’s see-through ensemble also sent her followers wild.

#Ghana (West Africa): Woman Calls for #DNA Test after Finding ‘Penis’ in Her Soup

https://notallowedto.com A woman got the shock of her life after she found this strange-penis-looking meat in her soup. It wasn’t until she had eaten more than two thirds of the dish that she noticed it looked like something nobody would want to find in their takeaway.

The woman, named as Akousa, said: ‘I had gone to get some food from the food joint because I was hungry and my preferred choice was Tuo zafi which I bought and took home to eat.’

But she immediately stopped eating when she noticed the lumpen sausage which looked nauseatingly similar to a human-penis.

‘I had eaten all the other meat in the soup and was about finishing off with the biggest piece when I noticed the funny looking meat which looked like a male genital organ,’ she told local media.

‘My sister opted to show it to a lab technician friend later, who said because the meat was cooked, an ordinary lab test wouldn’t be able to prove it to be animal or human,’ she told 3news.com.

‘He advised a forensic test be done on it but considering the bureaucratic processes these things go through, we gave up.’

Unwilling to throw it away in case it could be evidence of some kind of crime, the meat is still lying in their fridge.

#NorthCarolina (US State): Blonde teacher suspended after ‘sex with pupil, 17, and letting him take nude pic in bed’

http://www.dailystar.co.uk Summer Sparrow, 41, had earlier dropped off her daughter at a party before responding to the student’s request to meet him, said cops.

The 17-year-old said Sparrow then drove him to her home where they romped.

This comes as Daily Star Online revealed why some teachers end up seducing their pupils.

And he took a nude photo of the blonde as she lay on the bed to show his pals later that night.

Sparrow asked him not to tell anyone about what had happened when she dropped him off at a pizza restaurant, he told police.

The English tutor and the student are said to have started chatting on Snapchat in October.

Daily conversations led to flirting, and the teacher ultimately accepted his request to pick him up in Cherryville, North Carolina.

The lad described the layout of Sparrow’s home to police, who asked for a search warrant to seize photos of the property along with DNA evidence, computers, cameras, tablets and phones.

They said Sparrow may also have logged on to an athletics website to watch the teen playing sports.

Sparrow has been charged with sexual activity with a student after a week-long probe.

The investigation, triggered when the teen and his parents went to the police, is continuing.

Sparrow’s bosses at Cherryville High School, where she has taught since 2004, confirmed she had been suspended on pay.

#Colorado (US State): Teaching assistant ‘had sex and shared nude selfies’ with 14-year-old lad

http://www.dailystar.co.uk Jerica Enriquez allegedly abused the boy while working at Jefferson Junior High School in the US state of Colorado.

The 24-year-old, who worked with special needs students, also allegedly sent the lad naked photos of herself.

Cops were reportedly first tipped off to the possible crimes earlier this month.

Following interviews with staff and students, they then searched a mobile phone that allegedly contained the explicit pictures.

The teen lad is said to have told cops that he had messaged Enriquez and asked for her to send images to him.

But he claimed he was shocked when she actually did, saying he thought of it as a joke.

Investigators also allege she had sex with the boy twice after school in her car.

She appeared in court on Wednesday, with the judge setting a bond at $100,000 (£80,000).

Her next scheduled court appearance is in January.

Devastating California wildfires predicted to cost US economy $85 billion; Containment may take weeks

https://www.accuweather.com Devastating fires charring California have claimed more lives than any fire in the state’s history, and the economic toll is predicted to climb to $85 billion.

“These wildfires, especially in Northern California, are particularly devastating,” said Dr. Joel N. Myers, founder, president and chairman of AccuWeather.

“We estimate the California wildfires will profoundly affect the economy of California. The cost to contain and fight the fire and deal with the aftermath will be in the billions. And, the loss in tax revenue from businesses no longer around, including the vineyards; the workers who have lost their jobs and can no longer pay taxes as well as other impacts will be quite costly. This will create a hole in the California budget, which may necessitate an increase in taxes. If California has to borrow more this might negatively impact its bond ratings and it will have to pay higher interest rates on all borrowings, which can cost upwards of 10s of billions of dollars. At this time, we estimate the economic impact of the fires is already approaching $70 billion dollars. Based on our forecast the total costs from this disaster on the economy would exceed $85 billion and, if the fires are not contained in the next couple of weeks, the total economic impact could even reach $100 billion.”

This week has yielded the deadliest outbreak of wildfires across Northern California, surpassing the 29 fatalities caused by the 1933 Griffith Park Fire. The wildfire complex alone near Santa Rosa killed at least 21 people.

Cal Fire estimated that 5,700 homes and other structures have been destroyed, and approximately 100,000 people have been evacuated, as of Saturday morning, Oct. 14, 2017.

Conditions for wildfire containment will be “very difficult” in Northern California, according to AccuWeather Western Weather Expert Ken Clark. It could take three to four weeks to contain the fires burning around Santa Rosa.

Winds will weaken significantly in Northern California on Sunday, which will help firefighters battling the blazes. Rain, cooler air and increased humidity will arrive by Thursday night and Friday, further improving conditions.

However, winds may strengthen again before and after the rainfall, hampering efforts to reach containment.

Besides weather conditions, other factors like resources, including manpower and equipment, as well as terrain, can all play a role on fire containment. If additional wildfires ignite, that could further strain resources.